Draw Me Something

Artwork for personal use only. (Profile Pictures, Décor, Cover Art)

  • 2 hours
  • 100 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Commission Process: 1. Customer Places Order & Pays Deposit 2. Once the Order gets Reviewed, the Customer is Emailed Order Confirmation, Project Details & Completion ETA. (If Additional Info is Needed to Fulfill Order, It will be Requested from the Customer at This Time.) 3. After all Needed Info is Received, the Art is Created. 4. Once Commission is Completed, a Preview of the Art will be Emailed over to the Customer for Approval. 5a. If Denied, Customer will Receive a Call to Clarify What Needs to be Changed on the Art Piece. Once Updated, It will be Emailed Over Again for Approval. 5b. If Approved, Customer will Pay Final Payment Amount to Spicy Anime via Paypal, Zelle, or Cashapp. 6. After Final Payment is Received, The Finished Product will be Emailed Over. Important Notice: All artwork purchased for personal use is not to be used commercially without a contractual agreement signed by myself and the buyer, clearly outlining the terms and payment for the rights of that art piece. Personal Use is to be defined as cover art for DIGITAL music releases, profile pictures for any platform, décor for yourself, or a gift to a third party to be used in the three ways previously mentioned. Commercial use is the art being available for purchase in either the original or an altered form by a third party through the original buyer ( Merch, physical copies of music releases, posters/prints, etc.) Logos for businesses also fall into the commercial category. To commission my personal artwork and use it commercially without my consent is a violation of my intellectual property rights and legal action will be pursued.

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