I'm a 24yr old Afro-Anime Artist from Wichita, Kansas (USA).

Primarily, I'm an Animator & Mangaka but I also write and do graphic design as well. I would describe my art style as juicy, loud, vibrant, and literally so alive as a still image you'd think it would jump out and talk to you! I believe the energy that radiates from my work come from me pouring all of myself into every piece regardless if it's something I'm drawing for me or for someone else. 

There are a number of ways you can support our cause and be Spicy too! Please follow us on social media, Join our Flame Community, Interact with me and tell me your tales, Let us know what animes you're binging at the moment, buy something from our shop, make a donation, or even spreading the word to a friend helps us out more than you'll ever know!

I look forward to getting to know our community better and y'all being apart of work I'm trying to do in getting our stories seen and heard.

Howdy! I'm CEASERE

My Story

Though I've been drawing my whole life, I never really took much interest in it until I got deeply into Anime. I started off small with two season Shojos here and there then eventually worked my way up to watching great epics like the complete Naruto series, which is about 923 episodes and ongoing. During the year I locked myself away watching Naruto I fell in love with the art style and the detailed stories of someone with every odd imaginable stacked against them working hard to create the life they always dreamt of while maintaining their integrity and going the distance for the people they love.


As a plus-sized woman of color with practically no family (besides my dad and two good friends) who was drowning in debt and shackled to a dead-end job - It resonated with me on every possible level. I saw the spirit of myself and many people I knew in the characters Kishimoto brought to life in Naruto. The unreal odds stacked against you that Shonen protagonists face isn't much different than the mountains you have to move as a black human to have a certain quality of life. Especially in America. Then I had a thought: Why aren't there any stories like this with people who actually look like me?

In a sense I began to see myself as a Shonen protagonist. How can I train hard to change my circumstances and mold my life on my terms? How can I shift my state of existence to be happiness focused and not be in a cycle of survival mode and being numb? I would go on to think hard about these questions for three years.

After completing Naruto, I got an ipad and taught myself to draw digitally and in time I became more skilled at it which caused others to start taking notice. I began selling art prints at events and doing commissioned artwork for people (music covers, logos, flyers, etc) and started realizing that something I was doing because it was a peaceful activity to me is something I can actually make a living off of. It continued that way for about two 1/2 years but I wasn't in a place in my life at any point in that journey to even consider doing my art full time until now.

I had three significant life changes occur in 2020 that made it pretty clear to me that you don't have much time to waste in this life. Do what you can to be a good human, cherish the people that cherish you, if things aren't bearing fruit and you've gave it all the nurturing you can- maybe it's time to move on, And the biggest lesson being if I don't bet on myself and give my art, Spicy Anime (something I feel g-d genuinely called me to do) everything I have then what am I actually doing with my life?

June 14th, 2021 I decided to quit my job with no savings and be a full time artist - doing commissions, vending, and working on my first manga, High School Chocolate which is a coming of age tale about a pervy hermit girl who experiences friendship, love, heartbreak, and courage for the first time. This will also be the first anime I will produce under Spicy Anime when the time is right.

I believe the work I will do with spicy amine will bring me mental, spiritual and financial freedom for sure but more importantly I think it will bring that sense of freedom and the feeling of "being seen and actually heard" to other black kids out there as well. Visibility is so important and I want children of color to be able to experience the same "Aha" feeling I had when watching Naruto for the first time on a regular basis. To have the same "I can live fearlessly with gusto and chase my dreams" realization as early as possible in a way that feels closer to home.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


What is Spicy Anime?

Spicy Anime is a black owned animation studio in McKinney, TX founded by CEASERE, a boundary pushing Afro-Anime Artist. Our main goal is to increase representation of people of color in Anime and tell a wide range of tales that are true to our experiences. Diversity is the true spice of life and Blerd's everywhere deserve to take part in a fun, colorful medium such as anime in a very personal way that they can identify with.

Currently SA is working on a manga called Highschool Chocolate and also sells original posters, stickers, coloring books, calendars, and afro-anime streetwear. 

If you are in the DFW area and are interested in interning at Spicy Anime, please shoot us an email with your portfolio and resume and we will be in touch!